Saving the World, One Neighborhood at a Time. "Comedy always saves the day"

About KungFuNinjaGuy

A Protector of Many

KFNG shows his skills during his afternoon training session.

" I have fought for kings and queens in my past. I have safely returned children back to their homes, after they were taken by village marauders. I have saved the lives of many. And I do, occasionally, enjoy  long walks on the beach."

A Wise and Humble Warrior


KungFuNinjaGuy: "As I tell many, many other people throughout my travels...

'Be safe, but take chances'

The Most Talented Neighborhood Watch


"As your neighborhood watch, I will instill and maintain a steady wave of safety throughout my agreed upon area of protection. Funny, now that I think about it,that's probably why contracts are created"

My New Toys Have Finally Arrived

My delivery from Amazon

HAPPY (kungfu)NINJA(guy) DAY

Celebrating Ninja Day (and yes, there is such a thing. Don't be silly)

first time tasting tequila

"I definitely wasn't prepared, thus the quivering lip." (hahaha)

staying in Shape

It's always important to maintain good health, and also while you're at it...maintaining a good sense of humor is also imperative.

Steak Carving

The perfect tool for the job


Assailant — location unspecified

Sneak attack

"I was able to get one sucker punch on KungFuNinjaGuy when I broke into his apartment. It didn't phase him at all. The dude can take a punch."

Bad Guy — location unknown

Bad guy

"I will seek vengeance on KungFuNinjaGuy. He's a worthy opponent. He's beaten me 25 times one week, but I'm not a quitter. We'll see what happens next week"

Civilian — Los Angeles

A fan of KFNG is grateful for his services.

"Our company Christmas parties were never very successful. KungFuNinjaGuy helped us see where we had been going wrong and helped us go right! Plus he saved my life one night when a group of ninjas tried to steal my puppy."

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